ADD is Evolution/Why people get depressed

DepressionI think I may have found the reason why people get depressed. I think it has something to do with our evolving brains.

I have a job that I go to every weekday. I’m tired because I went to sleep late last night and I get bored quickly because I’m dealing with the same problems over and over again. I get frustrated at those problems because, i feel, that they could have been prevented.

Here are my thoughts. Everything that we (as the world) deal with these days is done so with a mindset that our world is not changing and neither are we. I think evolution is happening more than we think but we are dealing with it more as a problem that needs to be corrected rather than a change that is happening naturally.

I am going to start with a near universal thing that we have Been treating like a problem for a good while now. I am talking about ADD. What if add is not a disorder, but rather a side effect of television or the stressful “go go” lifestyle that a lot of us talk about?

I have heard some people describe ADD symptoms like ” my brain is constantly flipping channels”. This is probably a side effect of watching a new adventure on tv every week. Your brain has to switch gears to a new set of rules, new people, new locations, new genres, etc. This is kind of like flipping channels. At the same time you have people with jobs that have to constantly switch tasks to keep up with the workload.

Maybe, instead of addressing these as a problem, we should address them as they are. A new skill as a result of evolution. We should look at the strengths and weaknesses of this new skill. ADD sufferers are great at flipping between tasks, but are bad at committing things to long term memory.

Moving away from ADD as a specific, even though I self diagnosed myself ( not professionally. I have no prior medical training ), I am going to go over my day again as an example. Here is why I believe I am depressed all the time.

The reason I am getting bored all the time while at work ( even though I’m a computer technician ) is because, as many problems as there are, they all fall into a few similar categories. They are all basically the same and happen for the same stupid reasons. It is VERY boring and not stimulating to my mind.

The reason I get frustrated is because most of the problems that occur could be solved by an update or could have been solved by a little foresight on the programmers part. I usually find my self cursing the name of a few multiple million dollar companies daily.

The reason why I stay up late and depend on 5-hour energy drinks for energy in the morning instead of getting enough sleep is because I’m under-stimulated at work. I feel like I have wasted my day and I want to squeeze more hours out of my day to get more done. In the end I just feel exhausted everyday and I’m wondering why I can’t think straight.

We are all working with jobs that don’t evolve with our brains. Most of our jobs were created by minds from YEARS back. They are not suited for the minds of today. Thats why we get frustrated and depressed. Everybody needs variety and a sense of creativity to their occupation. Otherwise I think we are all doomed to not make any progress as a society and we will fall into the darkness of depression.


6 thoughts on “ADD is Evolution/Why people get depressed

  1. I have been saying this for years… I believe ADD is evolution adapting to our new technological advances. Since I am 35, we weren’t diagnosed with ADD in school. They said I was “hyperactive” and in order to “control” me, they but me into more challenging classes, where the work was more stimulating. What a great idea in the early ’80’s from nuns of all people! I still have great difficulty performing simple tasks, like tidying up and doing laundry, shopping, etc……however, I am great at handling, complex multi-layered tasks, so I have a great job where I make enough to hire a cleaning lady, have things delivered, etc. So basically, stop trying to medicate us down…..try teaching us differently….we may be able to solve some age old problems (cancer, AIDS, world peace (lol)), due to our cyclical thinking/ “hyperactivity”.

    • I’m glad to hear that someone who has experience with this “disorder” agrees with me. I really think you should challenge yourself to see what you can do with ADD. If you are able to do everything in your power to push the boundaries, you might just turn a disorder into something positive and give hope for countless children and adults everywhere! No pressure! (:

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