Why is it so Hard to Burn Water?

Alaskan Gas Prices at 4 and a half to 5 dollars a gallon.

Exhibit A

I am sick of living in Alaska. Enough is enough and I am finally ready to get out. Alaska may be the biggest state in the US, but it is also the biggest mess. The state is underdeveloped, the politics are all screwed up, and the prices… the prices are… well just look at the cost of Gas. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Exhibit A which was taken Saturday May 21st, 20011. This is unacceptable.

For a State that has it’s very own oil pipeline, you would think that the gas prices would be pretty easy on the eyes. Instead they blind you with the sheer terror of your wallet getting raped in the billfold. Now before I end up turning this post into a denouncement of the state I was born in and have lived in most of my life, I will shift my focus to the real issue. Alaska is not the only place with this problem.

Everybody has been watching the gas prices soar to an unbelievably high cost, and the truth is that not just one thing is to blame. You can say that the government is pouring money into wars that create higher gas prices. You can say that Oil companies are silencing the technologies that could lead us to better alternative fueled cars and trucks. You can even say that the shortage of fossil fuels is starting to jack up fuel prices. All of these are right and more. However, we shouldn’t be focusing on the problem. We should be focusing on the solution. Although, we do need a specific problem to solve.

In this post, I chose the problem “How to make a Hydro Electric or other Alternative Fueled Car”. I chose to focus mainly on H2O cars because they seem the most appealing as the next step for fuel dependent cars. I also know that we have the technology to do this. Here, I will some of my favorite sources:

A Water Hose

Exhibit B

Now I, as much as any of you, would like to see these Water Engines be put in to mass production in automobiles right away. I guess there are some things holding us up. What those are have ranged from “That’s a stupid reason to keep us waiting!” to “Huh, that does pose a huge problem.” My favorite “stupid reason” is that we don’t have enough water fill up stations across the world. This is just a delay, that was created when gas stations realized that they wouldn’t have any way to make money after their fuel stations were gone. Are we really going to delay one of the greatest technological breakthroughs in the the 21st century because of the price of some plumbing and the device pictured in Exhibit B? If you want to charge us for water fuel than charge us for Purified and distilled water. Just pipe in the tap water for free. 

The Best reason for halting the production of these earth saving machines is that the technology hasn’t been perfected enough to make it viable for cars to run on water. Well, that is a big problem, but I have a solution. Stop focusing on cars long enough to start selling Furnaces for houses, generators, Torches, Barbecues, and other things that are portable and that only require heat. I gurantee that with the experience of building those devices and the money funding the research, Cars and Trucks will be running on water in no time. 

Water igniting as it is poured into a glass


I hope that someday soon, we can get out of this prison of gasoline and start living life as a clean technological race of creatures that will not destroy the planet they call home. Now if you will excuse me, all this talk about water has made me thirsty. I think I will go have a glass of fuel.


Saving the Earth One Test Page at a Time

As a computer technician I am called to many problems surrounding PCs and their peripherals. On many occasions I come into conflict with a printer. When ever I deal with one of these horrible contraptions, I am always faced with an ethical dilemma. How many test pages can I print before I should start feeling guilty.

The Lorax Book Covor

I Speak for the trees.

It never fails. Every time I get a phone call about a printer problem I end up walking away with at least one page of completely useless information that just gets thrown away or recycled. The printer test page is a necessary evil which makes me feel like I have the carbon footprint of a coal-burning factory. It has always been very convenient too that every page has network information on it to keep me from giving it to the local library for scrap paper. Something needs to be done to stop this needless waste of perfectly good paper and it needs to be done by the operating system and printer companies!

The only suggestion that I have been able to come up with, involves changing the signal that is sent to the printer when the test page is requested. Upon arriving at the printer, the signal would be recognized and would trigger an audible tone for every page supposed to be printed. A display might work as well, but printers are sometimes located in separate rooms from the computers we are sitting at. You could also send the pages through the printer with the ink being disabled. I wouldn’t mind if I had to load the blank pages back into the printer. Just as long as I don’t have to throw them away.

Recycle Paper Symbol

Fix it!

That is just one suggestion, but maybe there is a better way. All I know is, we don’t want to end up with our forests being reduced to a single stump with the word “Unless” carved in it because of something this stupid.