Saving the Earth One Test Page at a Time

As a computer technician I am called to many problems surrounding PCs and their peripherals. On many occasions I come into conflict with a printer. When ever I deal with one of these horrible contraptions, I am always faced with an ethical dilemma. How many test pages can I print before I should start feeling guilty.

The Lorax Book Covor

I Speak for the trees.

It never fails. Every time I get a phone call about a printer problem I end up walking away with at least one page of completely useless information that just gets thrown away or recycled. The printer test page is a necessary evil which makes me feel like I have the carbon footprint of a coal-burning factory. It has always been very convenient too that every page has network information on it to keep me from giving it to the local library for scrap paper. Something needs to be done to stop this needless waste of perfectly good paper and it needs to be done by the operating system and printer companies!

The only suggestion that I have been able to come up with, involves changing the signal that is sent to the printer when the test page is requested. Upon arriving at the printer, the signal would be recognized and would trigger an audible tone for every page supposed to be printed. A display might work as well, but printers are sometimes located in separate rooms from the computers we are sitting at. You could also send the pages through the printer with the ink being disabled. I wouldn’t mind if I had to load the blank pages back into the printer. Just as long as I don’t have to throw them away.

Recycle Paper Symbol

Fix it!

That is just one suggestion, but maybe there is a better way. All I know is, we don’t want to end up with our forests being reduced to a single stump with the word “Unless” carved in it because of something this stupid.


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