Sony! Help us defeat the Playstation Moneygrubbers!!!

I am very disappointed in the world lately. More specifically the United States. More specifically the Moneygrubbing Bastards that decided to deny me an awesome Playstation!… Let me explain.

As you may or may not be aware, I am a Playstation Gamer. I’m not necessarily a fanboy (though I’m not sure if I am allowed to be the one who gives or takes that label). I just prefer the Playstation to all other forms of gaming (yes I have tried the others). That being said, I have owned a Playstation through every generation. PS, PS2, PS3 and I still have a working Original Playstation! I have never had to repair it and I still power it up from time to time to play some of the classics.

20th Anniversary Original Grey Playstation 4

Look how Freakin Cool that is!

As you may or may not also be aware, recently Sony decided to do something really cool for their 20th Anniversary and release an Original Grey Playstation 4. Not only was it the same color as the Original Playstation, but it was serial Numbered with an aluminum badge. The Logos were even in full color! This thing was awesome and I totally wanted one!

The only thing that had been stopping me from buying a Playstation 4 so far (and still is) is that there aren’t that many games for the system that I really want. Currently I am main lining Battlefield 4 for Playstation 3, and I could be playing it on a Playstation 4, but I don’t feel like throwing down $560 bucks for a game that I basically already own. I am waiting for Mighty No. 9, but I know how that game is going to be already. I think No Man’s Sky looks interesting and cool, but it’s not out yet. The bottom line is that I just am not ready for a Playstation 4.

Shut up and take my money memeHowever, when I saw that 20th Anniversary Edition Original Grey Playstation 4 I changed my tune really quick! I said to myself “If I’m going to buy a PS4 early, that’s going to be the one I own!!!” I was so very ready to drop $500 on the table for this thing! I even went to and bookmarked the Playstation Page. I was ready to pounce when it came available!

Then the day came, and no PS4. I refreshed as often as I could, looking for the new entry in the Sony store, but sadly that never came. I then did a Google search and found an article stating that the 20th Anniversary edition had gone on sale and was sold out already. It also went on to say that they were already showing up on Ebay for twice the price and Higher!

*DEEP BREATH*……[Expletive Deleted]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This makes me feel cheated! One, the Playstation never showed on the store as was promised. Two, A long time loyal customer loses out on an awesome piece of Playstation history, because of a bunch of Moneygrubbing turds who just want to turn a profit. It’s unfair and stupid!

I hope you are reading this Sony! A long time fan of your products feels cheated! I want to know if you are going to try and make this right. I’m not saying I want you to send me a PS4 and I’m not saying you should buy up the ones on eBay and resell them to people like me. I am saying that you should try something to get a little justice for the fans that were cheated out of a cool product! If it were me, and I saw this atrocity taking place, i would start selling un-numbered Original Grey Playstation 4s and make the market for the numbered ones Tank! It would help fix the problem and you could still defend your decision to all those complainers on eBay that you aren’t numbering these ones!

Sony PS4 Greatness Awaits Display

I’m Calling you out Sony! Defend your honor to one of your fans!

I’m just saying that something needs to be done! Someone needs to stand up for the loyal fans, and who better than the ones they are fans of. Sony, I’m devastated that I didn’t get one of your awesome Playstation 4s, and I am even more devastated for the reasons that it happened. Please make this right, however possible. I know I’m not the only one out there! Call to Arms! Who feels cheated that they didn’t get a 20th Anniversary Original Grey PS4!!! Let your voice be heard!!! #DownWithPS20Moneygrubbers! Hells Yeah! Come on Sony! Help us out here! Aren’t you guys the ones who are always saying “Greatness Awaits”?